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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Global Carriers Announce Massive Discounts In India

Global Carriers Announce Massive Discounts In India 

Tigerair offers Rs 10 base fare to Singapore

Initiating a fare war on global routes, Qatar Airways and Singaporean budget carrier Tigerair today announced massive limited period discounts hoping to corner a chunk of the Indian travel MARKET share.

While Tiger air announced a special one way base fare of Rs 10 only to Singapore for Indian passengers to commemorate completion of decade long operations, Qatar Airways launched a global promotional OFFER of up to 25 per cent savings on its tickets to over 140 destinations across the world.

Tigerairs Rs 10 one way fare OFFER to Singapore would be applicable only on round TRIP TICKETSfrom India, under which the fare could be as low as Rs 7,499 including taxes, the Airline said in a statement here.

The Qatar Airways promotional fare tickets under its threeday The World is Yours global sale would have to be bought between today and Wednesday for travel from September 25 till June 15 next year, the Airline said in a statement.

The discount of up to 25 per cent is being offered for return travel in all classes for travel from India via its Doha hub, a Qatar Airways statement said, adding that there were limited seats on offer subject to availability

The Airline connects 12 cities in India via Doha to an array of destinations like Barcelona, Dallas, London, Miami, New York, Paris, Rome and several others.

In the statement, its Chief Executive Akbar Al Baker said, Qatar Airways global sale is eagerly awaited by our passengers and with up to 25 percent discount on return fares, there will never be a better time for our customers to plan leisure or business trips.

Tigerairs Tickets which can be booked till September 21 would be valid for travel commencing January to March2015, and July to September.

The Airline was also OFFERING special all in return fares starting Rs 11,999 to destinations like, Bali, Jakarta, Perth, Manila, Hong Kong, Sydney, GOLD coast via Singapore. Flights to Sydney and Gold Coast would be operated in collaboration with Scoot, another Singapore based low cost long haul Airline, the statement said.

The offers can be availed of on Tigerair Official website from any of the five cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi and Tiruchirappalli. Tigerair operates total 37 weekly Flights to Singapore from six Indian destinations.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

MH370 mystery 58 hard objects found in Indian Ocean

MH370 mystery 58 hard objects found in Indian Ocean

The Australia led search team for the missing Malaysian Flight MH370 has discovered 58 hard objects inconsistent with the Indian Ocean seabed, raising hopes of solving the over six months long Aviation mystery.

Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said the Joint Agency Coordination Centre JACC which is leading the search for the plane is currently in the midst of retrieving the objects to be analysed.

We have only discovered 58 solid objects, but yet to learn if they are from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. We have to verify whether the objects are the plane's wreckage or hard rocks before coming to a conclusion, he said in a press conference today.
Liow also said Malaysia's Petronas will be deploying its Go Phoenix vessel to assist in the MH370 search mission at the southern Indian Ocean floor.
He said the asset, which is commonly used in oil exploration is expected to arrive in Perth on September 21.
Go Phoenix will help in the search mission, alongside Australia's Furgo Discovery ship to map the ocean floor, Liow was quoted as saying by the New Strait Times.

The Beijing bound Boeing 777-200 carrying 239 people, including five Indians, an Indo Canadian and 154 Chinese nationals mysteriously vanished on March 8 en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur.

Earlier this month, the Australian authority leading the search for the plane said that hard spots had been found on the Indian Ocean seabed, but that most would likely be geological features.

Experts are conducting a sonar survey of a remote patch of the southern Indian Ocean, an area never previously explored in such detail, in preparation for an underwater search for the plane.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau had said the sonar search had provided information on the depth of the water and the composition of the sea floor in the search zone.

Last month Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said the ongoing mapping of the ocean floor had already uncovered quite remarkable geographical features, including the discovery of new volcanoes up to 2,000 metres high.

Six months after the Jet disappeared in the Indian Ocean, Aviation experts are still clueless over the world's greatest Aviation Mystery.
The search operation, described by Australian Officials as the largest in history, has so far turned up no debris from the plane.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Indian Air Safety Ranking May Return To Category I

Indian Air Safety Ranking May Return To Category I 

The Ministry of Civil Aviation expects Indian International Air safety ranking to return to Category I in a couple of months, Minister of State for Civil Aviation G.M. Siddeshwar said here on Saturday.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has addressed the deficiencies related to the safety ranking.In a month or two, we should move back from Category II to Category I,he announced at a seminar here.

In January this year, the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority, which is considered the global standard, downgraded the national civil Aviation regulator on the grounds that its safety performance did not match best International standards. Technically, a downgrade affects route expansion plans of Indian Airlines that fly to the U.S. and will delay Airport clearances for their Flights there.

Mr. Siddeshwar said the Centre had urged the State governments to rationalise their respective sales tax levies on Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) to a uniform level; their responses were awaited.

States currently levy ATF taxes ranging from 4 per cent to 33 per cent, with Karnataka among the highest and Andhra Pradesh at 1 per cent. Airlines spend almost half of their revenues on jet fuel.The Centre is working with the States and talking to Chief Ministers to lower the tax structure and support the aviation industry,Mr. Siddeshwar said.

He was addressing a seminar organised by the Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies and Industries.

Earlier, Chairman of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. R.K. Tyagi urged the Minister to look into the tax structure related to the aerospace MRO sector.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Many SpiceJet Staffers are Looking for the Suitable Opportunity out of SpiceJet Before it Shut Down

Many SpiceJet Staffers are Looking for the Suitable Opportunity out of SpiceJet
Before it Shut Down

All Aviation HR Consultants are full with following SMS and E Mail from
Many SpiceJet Staffers are Looking for the Suitable Opportunity out of SpiceJet
Before it Shut Down

Dear Mohini,

I work with SpiceJet as Cabin Crew and
currently looking for the suitable opportunity out of SpiceJet.
Would be great if we can discuss.

I have Cabin Crew work experience of over 3 years with Spicejet.

I can work even on less CTC if i get chance in other Airlines

Cabin Crew


I am a specialist in HR compensation and benefits, business partnering and employee engagement while having worked across all
streams of HR function.

I am ready to work on less CTC but I needs an urgent Job before SpiceJet shut down.



SpiceJet Airline cannot be compared to Kingfisher Airlines because it is paying
Salaries to employees on time, has not grounded its fleet and has a much smaller
overdue Payment problem, Over recent weeks, the Sun Group-owned no-frills brand
came under a scanner following the Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s
ordering of an engineering audit and over delays in handing out Tax Deducted
at Source certificates to staffers. This gave rise to fear that the Airline is
in a serious problem.

The Airline reported a loss over Rs 1,000 crore (Rs 10 billion) in 2013-14,
five times higher than its earlier year’s loss.

Its net worth has eroded and the management has been in discussion with various
investors and Airlines to raise capital.

Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

India Said to Seek Mumbai Airport Slum Removal on Terror

India Said to Seek Mumbai Airport Slum Removal on Terror

India’s federal government has asked Officials in Mumbai for a plan to evict some 90,000 slum dwellers living around the Airport after Terrorist attacks on Airfields in Pakistan, a person familiar with the proposal said.

India’s Civil Aviation Minister has written to the Maharashtra state government asking the state to relocate and rehouse those living around the Airport, according to a senior Aviation Ministry Official, who asked not to be identified as the information isn’t public. The security threat to the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport from the slum is grave, the official said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is looking at terror threats to Aviation more closely after the Taliban attacked Karachi’s Airport in early June killing 36 people and later that month gunmen fired on a plane coming to land in Peshawar, killing one passenger. Last week, al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri said he is starting a wing in India.

Evicting slum dwellers in India’s FINANCIAL capital has always been contentious. Land encroachment and theft by those staying next to the Airport wall have hampered expansion of the facility.

Encroachments into Airport land means anyone with a gun can shoot an Aircraft down or target civilians in the Airport, the official said. The slums occupy about 309 acres (125 hectares) of land around the Airport in India’s FINANCIAL capital.

Uday Moray, a spokesman for India’s civil Aviation ministry, did not respond to two calls to his mobile phone. Mumbai Airport spokesman Vaibhav Tiwari also did not respond to calls seeking comment. Aniruddha Ashtaputre, a spokesman for the Maharashtra government, whose capital is Mumbai, did not have an immediate comment.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

DGCA may ask for Jet Airways training chief to go

DGCA notice to 131 Jet Pilots For Flying without Test

In one of the biggest crackdown on Pilots of a single Airline, the directorate general of civil aviation (DGCA) Friday issued show cause notice to 131 pilots of Jet Airways for flying without clearing a mandatory biannual exam. The regulator asked Jet why flying licences of these 131 pilots should not be suspended or cancelled, apart from ordering the Airline to remove its chief of training and issuing a show cause to the chief of operations.

Jet was also asked to ground three more Pilots whose training was found to be deficient along with the regulator initiating action against some trainers who imparted deficient simulator training to Pilots. In all, the regulator acted against about 140 Jet Airways Pilots in one go Friday.

The Airline's chief operating officer was also issued a show cause, asking him why action should not be taken against Jet for deficiencies in training.

DGCA may ask for Jet Airways training chief to go

New Delhi Jet Airways looks to be flying into deep trouble with Aviation regulator DGCA. Sources said the DGCA, after conducting a training audit of the private carrier, is likely to ask for removal of the airline’s chief of training in view of alleged lack of supervision of Flight crew training and permitting release of Flight crew for flying duties without corrective training, and could also recommend action against the airline’s chief of operations for allegedly permitting Flight operations by pilots without undergoing corrective training. Also, show cause notices may be issued to about 130 of the airline’s pilots as to why their licences should not be cancelled on grounds of allegedly flying after the expiry of validity of pilot proficiency checks.
A showcause notice could also be issued to the CEO of Jet Airways on various serious discrepancies detected in the training audit. The training audit of Jet Airways is understood to have been carried out from August 20 to 22 by the DGCA. A few Pilots were allegedly found deficient in the simulator training but were found to have been released by the head of training for normal flying duties without undergoing corrective training. In a few cases, the crew after failure in checks were reportedly put to flying without undergoing corrective training.

According to sources, inadequacy of training given to B-777 pilots on simulators for crosswind landings was detected. Training was given for 25 knots crosswind as against published limit of 38 knots and this has been viewed seriously since it has serious safety consequences as Pilots may attempt to land beyond crosswind of 25 knots without being adequately trained.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

AirAsia Launches Daily Flight To Jaipur,Chandigarh

AirAsia Launches Daily Flight To Jaipur,Chandigarh

Entering the North Indian Aviation Market, no frill carrier AirAsia India today launched its direct daily Flights from Bangalore to Jaipur and Chandigarh.

The new Airline was so far operating Flights from Bangalore to Chennai, Kochi and Goa and vice versa.

Both the launch Flights to Jaipur and Chandigarh carried 180 passengers, signifying a 100 per cent flight load, an airline spokesperson said, adding that the Flights were given a grand welcome with a water salute on landing at the two North Indian Airports.

AirAsia India CEO Mittu Chandilya said,We are very excited to have Jaipur and Chandigarh on our network, as guests will now be able to connect conveniently to these cities from Bangalore.

Chandilya, who was in Jaipur on the Bangalore Jaipur launch Flight, said both the cities have great potential to expand and hence the airline has set aggressive targets and beginning of Flights to the two new routes was a part of the business strategy.

"The cities have good potential for business. Tourism is high in Jaipur. The initial response is good and we hope to get a good passenger load," he told reporters.

He said that the airline was focusing on smaller cities having good population and infrastructure to expand its network.

We are in conversation with the government in Rajasthan to plan flight to other cities including Udaipur,he said.

Our dream of making air travel affordable for every Indian has begun to come true. We are committed to offer a truly relevant and high valued travel experience to all our passengers,Chandilya said.

AirAsia India operates two Airbus A320-200 which are in all economy configuration having 180 seats.

The Airline, a 49:30:21 joint venture of Malaysian carrier AirAsia, Tata Sons and Telestra Tradeplace, has plans to have six A320s by December and 14 by March next year. 

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Spicejet Airlines Expanded its Authorized Share Capital

Kalanithi Maran-controlled Spicejet  Airlines expanded its authorized share capital on Thursday, enabling the loss-making Airline to raise more funds. The Airline, which has been looking for an investor, has also decided to allot as many as 189 million warrants convertible into an equivalent number of equity shares, in various tranches, to the promoters of the company and Sun Group. The Maran family has been pumping funds into the Airline in small instalments every fiscal according to rules prescribed by the market regulator. While Spicejet  Airlines overtook bigger rival Jet Airways (India) Ltd to become the number two Airline last week, the Airline is still finding it difficult to draw investors. S.L. Narayanan, group chief financial officer at Sun Group, explains the road ahead for Spicejet  Airlines. Edited excerpts:

Why are the promoters still pumping money into Spicejet  Airlines?

We continue to believe in the Indian Aviation story and we think Spicejet  Airlines has an important place in it. Despite reduction in capacity in the most recent quarter ended 30 June, we have maintained our gross revenue, which is a big achievement in itself. And going by our July 2014 load factor data and the strong market share gains we recorded, there is indeed an interesting story that needs to be told. The total amount invested by the promoters is about Rs.1,300 crore split into approximately Rs.750 crore paid to the exiting shareholders in 2010 and another Rs.550 crore invested as fresh equity post October 2010 till date.

Promoters are investing further. 

 It was unfortunate that last year's economic conditions hit us really hard, but we are poised for a strong rebound in the coming months. The promoters have once again demonstrated their faith in the Airline and will subscribe to a fresh issue of 18.91 crore warrants to be priced based on the Sebi formula for preferential issues. We think this will be aggregating to Rs.312 crore approximately. These warrants will convert to equity shares in two tranches, initially in April 2015 and again in April 2016.

Looking back, do you feel that buying Spicejet  Airlines was a wrong decision?

Not at all. We have seen a healthy growth in passenger traffic, about 8% up in the quarter ended 30 June 2014, over the previous year. Given the low penetration, I believe the civil Aviation sector will see even more impressive growth in the years to come, on the back of higher disposable incomes and greater prospect of upselling due to the narrowing of price differentials between train tickets and Air fares.

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Indian DGCA may regain its Aviation safety rating from Federal Aviation Authority FAA USA

Indian DGCA may regain its Aviation safety rating from Federal Aviation Authority FAA USA

 India may regain American Aviation regulator's category 1 rating for safety standards within the next few months as the Federal Aviation Authority has agreed to another audit after appearing to be satisfied with the corrective measures that have been put in place since January when it downgraded the country.

The consent to another audit by the FAA, which is seen as the first step to restoring the category 1 status, came after a six-member team of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation made a presentation to the US regulator on Thursday.

"The FAA is satisfied with our performance and has agreed to come to India to audit us again. We have requested them to come either in September-end or October first week, but they have not given us a date for the audit yet," said a senior civil Aviation ministry official, requesting anonymity.

The government hopes that the FAA will restore the category 1 status before the end of the year, another official said. The FAA had downgraded India to category 2 status after it found that the DGCA did not have enough flight operations inspectors and its officials were not trained on the type of Aircraft flying in India.

A six-member team, headed by Director General of the DGCA Prabhat Kumar, went to the US last week to apprise the FAA of the work done in the country to address concerns that it had raised in its audits conducted in September and December last year.

The team is learnt to have told the FAA that the Indian regulator has 20 full-time flight operations inspectors, which are enough to monitor the 500 Aircraft flying in the country.

The team also conveyed that the DGCA is about to recruit another 15-20 inspectors. Earlier, the DGCA did not have any regular flight operations inspectors.

Pilots and commanders were seconded from scheduled Airlines to carry out these functions. The team also sought to allay the FAA's concerns over the training imparted to the DGCA officials, saying the officials had been duly trained on the types of Aircraft flying in India.