DGCA may ask for Jet Airways training chief to go

DGCA notice to 131 Jet Pilots For Flying without Test

In one of the biggest crackdown on Pilots of a single Airline, the directorate general of civil aviation (DGCA) Friday issued show cause notice to 131 pilots of Jet Airways for flying without clearing a mandatory biannual exam. The regulator asked Jet why flying licences of these 131 pilots should not be suspended or cancelled, apart from ordering the Airline to remove its chief of training and issuing a show cause to the chief of operations.

Jet was also asked to ground three more Pilots whose training was found to be deficient along with the regulator initiating action against some trainers who imparted deficient simulator training to Pilots. In all, the regulator acted against about 140 Jet Airways Pilots in one go Friday.

The Airline's chief operating officer was also issued a show cause, asking him why action should not be taken against Jet for deficiencies in training.

DGCA may ask for Jet Airways training chief to go

New Delhi Jet Airways looks to be flying into deep trouble with Aviation regulator DGCA. Sources said the DGCA, after conducting a training audit of the private carrier, is likely to ask for removal of the airline’s chief of training in view of alleged lack of supervision of Flight crew training and permitting release of Flight crew for flying duties without corrective training, and could also recommend action against the airline’s chief of operations for allegedly permitting Flight operations by pilots without undergoing corrective training. Also, show cause notices may be issued to about 130 of the airline’s pilots as to why their licences should not be cancelled on grounds of allegedly flying after the expiry of validity of pilot proficiency checks.
A showcause notice could also be issued to the CEO of Jet Airways on various serious discrepancies detected in the training audit. The training audit of Jet Airways is understood to have been carried out from August 20 to 22 by the DGCA. A few Pilots were allegedly found deficient in the simulator training but were found to have been released by the head of training for normal flying duties without undergoing corrective training. In a few cases, the crew after failure in checks were reportedly put to flying without undergoing corrective training.

According to sources, inadequacy of training given to B-777 pilots on simulators for crosswind landings was detected. Training was given for 25 knots crosswind as against published limit of 38 knots and this has been viewed seriously since it has serious safety consequences as Pilots may attempt to land beyond crosswind of 25 knots without being adequately trained.

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