India Gets down from Russia

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India Gets down from Russia

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 Russia overtook from India in India domestic air travel growth, confirmed by international air transport association(IATA). As presumed that India’s air travel growth thereoned, but not in this year. Russia laid low all the countries like India,China, US and so on. Having 16.7%  growth rate, Russia coming at the top,and India’s rank has degraded gliding from 15.3% to 7.7%.
“India led domestic air markets in year-to-year growth for the 22nd month in a row. January traffic soared 26.6%, marking the 15th consecutive month of 20%-plus annual growth. Demand is being stimulated by strong flight frequency," as the IATA said.
The cheaper Airfares would not  stand up within two months unless India's domestic air travel would fall behind. Before the two months, the Indian air travels had uncostly airfares hold crowd that  carried India forward. IATA (international air transport association) stated that India was the fastest  growing  air market, but this estimation could only clutch for two years only.
an airline official said that the growth happened as low oil prices enabled airlines to offer cheap fares and lead to explosive growth of domestic aviation in India. Further he added, Mumbai and Delhi desperately needed more airport capacity.
“There is terrible congestion in Delhi and Mumbai. Forget adding new flights, even existing ones do not operate on time due to delays. The aviation authorities should focus on adding infra. For years, there have been talks of second airports in these two metros but those were mere talks," stated  An airline official.
The estimation through out the years depicted the 20% growth rate from January, 2016 to march 2017, but got down due to rising the airfares.

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