Indian Aviation can draw from one of the biggest and busiest Airports

Indian Aviation can draw from one of the biggest and busiest Airports

The experience at Airport Security checkpoints follows a standard script. A snaking queue. A long wait. Anxious moments. Will there be time to shop? Will the gates close before we get there? No telling. The darn queue The security chap finally beckons for the customary patdowns. Hold on, he says brusquely.Take off the belt and shoes for screening." Strange. Didn't have to the last time. Phew It's over. Now to put the belt and shoes back on. Damn it, no place to sit. Forget shopping now. Will be lucky to make it to the gates in time.

Last year, Authorities at the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport in Texas decided to do something about this agonizing experience. They first placed couches and chairs just before the queue. Passengers waiting in line receive instructions through speakers and are entertained by a radio channel. As they move, they come across wall coverings with warm-and-fuzzy LED lighting. Flat-panel screens deliver airport messages. Boards display the estimated wait times. For the X-ray process, passengers are provided larger trays to stuff all the belongings into one (avoids a scramble for trays). The area just after screening is again fitted with couches, high top tables to help people gather their belongings, footrests to tie shoes, and a mirror to get dressed.

The results were instant and perceptible. People came through security faster and less agitated. Some even flashed smiles. Agents of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), tasked with overseeing security at American airports, said their jobs became easier. The Airport folks were happy because passengers had more time to shop.

The DFW Airport had in effect replaced the chaos and discomfort that reigned in one zone in its midst with calm and convenience. We recognised that security checkpoints were intimidating for people,said Cynthia Vega, the Airport's manager of media relations.

The Airport now has only one such checkpoint,in the middle of Terminal E.It will soon retrofit these facilities to other checkpoints in the same terminal and eventually to its other four terminals.

Raft of Amenities

DFW is also the only Airport in the US to offer automated passport processing.US citizens, passengers from 38 visa waiver countries and Green Card holders can pass through Customs with a swipe their passports people who carry restricted items or exceed the limits of carriage will have to meet Customs agent.This allows Customs to deploy more agents to smoothen the entry of other foreign passengers.The average wait time at counters has reduced by 40% to around 10 minutes.

Besides these facilities, the 40 year old Airport is packed with amenities.There is free Wifi and a raft of spa services. Minute suites packed with a workspace,TV, a bed and shower can be rented by the hour they come in handy during airport shutdowns forced by inclement weather for $30. There is even a yoga studio, not to mention classy restaurants, upscale stores and plush lounges.

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