Low Cost SpiceJet Airlines Ltd has said it may have to Shut Down Operations

In an early morning Monday email to employees, cash-strapped Budget Airline Low Cost SpiceJet Airlines Ltd has said it may have to shut down operations.

The Airline was given time till Monday to release pending salaries of employees and a schedule on how it plans to pay vendor dues of about INR 1,500 Crore by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). “COO has a very crucial meeting with the ministry of civil aviation today.

The meeting may effectively determine the future of our company,” said Sandeep Varma, senior vice-president and head of Flight Operations.

Low Cost SpiceJet Airlines said in the mail to all the pilots, “If all goes well, then we can expect to continue operations smoothly and as planned.” Low Cost SpiceJet Airlines COO Sanjiv Kapoor will be meeting ministry and DGCA officials on Monday.

To an email sent, Kapoor did not offer any comment immediately for the story.

If for any reason, all does not go well, then you should expect the following.

You will get a phone call from a senior management Pilot from the head office (either from roster cell phone or landline). He will brief you in detail as to the situation and the necessary further action. Please do exactly as briefed,” Varma said adding, “Depending on the nature of the future action, we will stay in constant communication with you and support you.

All Low Cost SpiceJet Airlines staff will also be in communication and support of you at that time.” The money-losing Airline has cancelled over 1,750 Flights in a month as it shrinks its fleet and shrunk from 60 Aircraft to nearly 35. It has a 15% Domestic Market share.

All Low Cost Low Cost SpiceJet Airlines Air line Pilots and Pax are looking for better options now 

With the crisis-ridden Low Cost Low Cost SpiceJet Airlines Air line  desperately seeking an infusion of fresh funds, one of the potential investors the Air line is believed to have approached is Singapore-based TigerAir .

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