Global Airline Alliances Looking to induct Indian Low Cost Carriers Go, Indigo and Jet

Global Airline Alliances Looking to induct Indian Low Cost Carriers Go, Indigo and SpiceJet
Two of the world's three major Airline Alliances have indicated their willingness to induct low-cost Indian carriers as members. Top executives of SkyTeam, the world's second largest Airline Alliance, and Oneworld, third largest, said they are keen to have as member an Airline from India, a country where Aviation passenger growth has touched double digits. 
As of now, only Star Alliance is the world's biggest Airline Alliance has a presence through national carrier Air India. 

SkyTeam MD Michael Wisbrun told ET that IndiGo is a dominant player and the Alliance will not mind entering India's market through the low-cost carrier. "We prefer to have an Indian company into the alliance," Wisbrun said. "Is it Jet or IndiGo, It remains to be seen. IndiGo also is a dominant player in the Indian Market and could be an option."
Bruce Ashby, CEO at Oneworld, said his Alliance too is not disinclined to inducting a low-cost carrier from India. "A low-cost carrier will be required to make changes in its system like (introducing) `frequent flier programme' and a few technical upgrades to be eligible to join our Alliance," Ashby told ET on the sidelines of the International Air Transport Association AGM. "If any Airline is willing to invest in that, we would surely look at inducting them." 

He said the Alliance already has as member an Airline that was once a lowcost carrier. 
"Air Berlin turned into a hybrid carrier from being a low-cost and it is working well," he said. Ashby, however, said the Alliance is not talking to anyone in the country, but did not rule out such a possibility. 

Eesha Rohida [ MBA Mktg ]
Aviation News Editor


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