Indian Aviation Industry must Think Big now

Indian Aviation Industry must Think Big now 

Can Indian Aviation Industry Think Big ?

In last six months we read two success stories of two small countries (Switzerland and Japan) made their footprint stronger in aviation field. Pilatus newly designed and developed PC-24 took off on its maiden flight on May 11, 2015, at 10.00 local time at regional airport in the town of Buochs in the Canton of Nidwalden in Switzerland.
 The Aircraft was flown in command by an experienced pilot Paul Mulcahy, who has 11,000 hours under his belt. He flew PC24 Aircraft across central Switzerland for a total of 55 minutes. Pilatus claimed air PC-24 Aircraft also has some new features compared to similar flying Aircraft in its category. Oscar J Schwenk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pilatus, said: "It's an emotional moment for sure, and another major milestone in the Pilatus and Swiss aviation history.

Eesha Rohida [ MBA Mktg ]
Aviation News Editor

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